• Who hosts the groups? Anyone can volunteer to host a group, just make sure to note your desire to host on the signup form.

  • How many people are in each group? Groups generally have 10-14 people, it depends on how many people the host can accommodate.

  • There's someone I'm interested in, can you put them in my group? Yep, there is a field for that in the signup. Requests are kept strictly confidential.

  • I am worried I won't have any friends there, help? Diner's Club is a good chance to meet new friends, but if you really want you can always request a friend by name.

  • Can I invite/bring friends? Yep, just make sure they sign up and you request each other. Another option is to note that you will have a guest(s) in the free-response field. Make sure to bring an appropriate amount of food.

  • When is it? Unless otherwise noted Diner's Club is on the third Sunday of every month after Church. The group host decides on the time, but it usually starts between 5:00pm and 6:00pm to allow participants the chance to go home, change clothes, and finish any food preparations before heading to Diner's Club.

  • When is the signup deadline? The signup deadline is the Thursday before the third Sunday at 10pm.

  • When do I find out about my group? Group assignments go out on Friday afternoon. Look for an email from the Diner's Club coordinator and your host, make sure you read it carefully -- it has all the details you need.

  • Where do we eat? The host of your group will decide on the venue. Generally it will be at their house or apartment, but when weather is nice groups have met for a picnic at a parks and other outdoor places.

  • What food do I bring? How much food? Your host will decide upon the menu and have a way for everyone to signup to bring something. Everyone is expected to bring their item(s) prepared and in sufficient quantities for everyone in the group to enjoy.

  • How do I sign up? Fill out the Google Form!

  • Who can I contact if I still need help? Eric Peterson is currently the Diner's Club coordinator, you can reach him at dinersclub@santamonicaysa.org

Upcoming Diner's clubs