Hello! My name is Anthony, I’m looking for a spot in your wards boundaries. I’m currently in the Glendale ward but have been looking for something in this area because of a new job opportunity. I’m super laid back, easygoing, we can chill in the living room and talk in the evening or never even make eye contact. Either way I’m fine, just wanna live in an lds/Christian environment! I do have a dog but he may or may not be with me for the first few months of living in my new spot depending on how desperate I get for housing and how demanding my first few weeks of work will be. Cool enough, once he gets certified I’ll be bringing him to work with me! He’s super friendly and very handsome. As for me I could probably be prettier but will carry my weight around the house to make up for it :) I enjoy comedy (my creative outlet) I do stand-up and love to try out new jokes and ideas on the roommates but ONLY if interested, I definitely won’t be obnoxious about it. My number is 863-370-7670 ! Shoot me a text if you have a spot, wanna look together, or know of anything coming up in the near future. Thanks again, hope to hear from someone soon. The closer to Malibu the better, my budget is 650-950$, prefer private but open to shared.