I am a single individual with a graduate degree in journalism/mass communication and a bachelor in English Translation. So, I am basically a multimedia reporter and producer as well as a translator. I moved to Los Angeles from Arizona last September. I am at the moment seriously looking for a place to move to as I don't have a stable housing. 

Unfortunately, my budget doesn't allow me to have my own apartment. I am either looking for someone who wants to share a two-bedroom or a single bedroom apartment with me.  I can afford up to 700 per month. 

I am looking for a place anywhere in Santa Monica, West LA, Culver City and Venice or down town LA. 

More about me: I am a decent, quiet and open-minded person. I have lived with different nationalities and of course Americans for the last five years. I can deal with any type of personality because of my life style and profession. However, I cannot be a roommate with someone who does drugs or who is alcoholic and who tends to party 24/7.  I am also a former professional triathlete. I try to regularly work out and be in shape. I could be your gym/workout mate/pair if you will.  

You can call/text me at 480-772-5755 or contact me via my website (https://www.mojazi.org/contact-me). I usually don't answer unknown callers or those that look like scammers. Please leave me a message or voice mail if I don't pick up your phone. 

Warm Regards, Mohammadreza Najafian