I'm looking for someone who is need of a 6-month sublease or perhaps another arrangement for a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment in Mar Vista (Venice Blvd/Centinela Ave). The current rent is $1,235.00+ utilities. I am anticipating being gone for most of Jan-July 2019. I am open to having a roommate after returning if you are looking for something more long term. The apartment is older and smaller but for a 2-bedroom it is way underpriced. I intend to leave my furnishing behind. There is a possibility of having two people move in and splitting the sublet but I will need to make additional arrangements including adding somebody to the lease. This also might be an opportunity to take over my lease in the future.  However, any change in the lease will increase the rent by at least 10%.  I can share more information with those who are interested.  

Contact Mike at mike@ChristmasBarrel.com