Hi guys. My name is Hannah and my husband's name is Ben. We have two beautiful birds. Recently we were given notice to vacate our apartment in Boston and we want to come back to California. We have very few belongings, and we mostly keep to ourselves. At the end of this month I will have an excellent introduction to a-list agents.

The nearest family I have to La is 6 hours away. That distance could make it much more difficult to avail myself of this rare opportunity. If anyone has a spare room we could stay in for a few weeks we would be very grateful. We won't be able to pay anything up front, but in Boston it has never taken us more than a couple of weeks to find employment and we would be happy to pay for our stay once we have acquired an income.

I know this is an imposition, and that we are essentially asking for charity, but we are hard working people with good prospects and if you are able to help us I don't believe you'll regret it. Contact: hannah_mosqueda@yahoo.com.