Tired of obnoxious neighbors above/below/beside your apartment? Ever wanted to buy a kayak/paddleboard/surfboard/other large item but didn't have room for it? Have you ever loaded your laundry only to discover you don't have enough quarters? What about wanting to host a BBQ only to realize you don't have any outdoor space?  Well friend, I have the place for you!

For rent are 2 private bedrooms in a house in the Del Rey neighborhood of Mar Vista. This is an extremely quiet neighborhood, close enough for easy access to the freeways but far enough away that you dan't have to hear them. This is a single story house, so say goodbye to those obnoxious neighbors stomping on your ceiling day and night. The house has a garage with tons of storage for all your cool toys. Washer and dryer included, no quarters required! Also did I mention it's a house and therefore has a back yard for entertaining, gardening, and general purpose chilling?

Also tons of parking, so you'll never again have to drive in circles for an hour to find a parking spot a half mile away from where you live! Just pull right up and park every time!

Asking $1000/month for each room, not a bad deal considering median rent for a private bedroom on the west side is $1200.

Available 9/1, text or call 310-740-2457